Pictures and Purpose: The Power of a Headshot

Headshots are often the first thing people see when researching you or your organization online and, in a sense, they are the logo for your personal brand. It’s easy to think of a headshot as just a photo, yet it can often be a matter of socioeconomic status, capital (social or financial), and confidence. 

Think of the first time someone asked you  for a headshot. Did you have one prepared or were you left searching through old files and websites trying to find a recent picture?

Getting a quality headshot taken of yourself can is often a quick, and relatively easy task, but can signify empowerment, progress, influence, and credibility. 

However, some professionals may not have access to the resources needed to get a professional headshot taken. That is why we recently offered a free photo session for our partners and community members in Detroit. Participants could stop by our office and receive a high-quality headshot from the talented team at Reflct Media, one of our in-house media teams, that could be used on their website, social media profiles,  at speaking engagements, and beyond.

In addition to the free headshots, the session also provided us with an opportunity to meet new community members and learn about some of the incredible work happening in neighborhoods across the city.

We asked participants to tell us what motivates them in their work and share what shapes their goals for the future of their community. Their responses were inspiring:


“Helping to prepare educators to serve Detroit students at a high level. It’s important that the teachers know the information they are teaching, but it is also critical that they have the skills needed to get to know the students.”

James Holly, Jr.

Assistant Professor, Urban STEM Education

Wayne State University College of Education


“As someone who works for a program that endeavors to prevent youth from entering the juvenile justice system, I’m really motivated by the idea of social justice and ensuring that all of our kids have the opportunity to thrive and grow.”

Katyln Kelly

Building Foundations Specialist

United Way for Southeastern Michigan


“My interest in real estate really shifted when I got interested in the community development aspect of the business. For me, education, true service, and a commitment to teaching wealth building principles is why I do my work. It motivates me because there is such a gap across the spectrum in relation to disparities in wealth”

Sydnie Medina


Keller Williams Realty


“I just love my neighborhood and I love the city of Detroit. I always want to be a part of the community and be involved.” 

Juanita Sailes-Jackson

Community Member

Citizen’s Radio Patrol/Brilliant Detroit/GOAL Line


“I think that it is really important that we realize that life is not black nor white. It’s gray and its about navigating the gray areas of life.”

Kija Gray

Radio Talk Show Host

Openly Gray with Kija Gray Podcast

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our offices and shared their perspectives. We appreciate all of the work you do for Detroit. We hope to see your smiling faces in programs, on screens at conferences and events, featured in OpEds, and more!

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