More Than 300 Detroit Youth Hired at Career Connections Fair!

Hampton Consulting deeply believes in holistically and unapologetically serving our youth. For these reasons and beyond, we were honored to serve as an integral partner with United Way for Southeastern MichiganGrow Detroit's Young TalentDetroit Employment Solutions Corporation, and Mayor Duggan's Youth Subcommittee  to host the Career Connections Fair on Friday May 12, 2017.

The excitement began early Friday morning with volunteers and students arriving early--even a couple hours earlier for some of our youth--their parents were that excited! Engaging throughout the day, we had students, partners, employers, and  speaking to all that was brought to the table for our youth. Over 300 youth walked away with jobs from the Career Connections Fair! Our youth were prepared to succeed on the job--having tools to budget their money, balance their time, and rock their first day on the job (and beyond)! From a strong and authentic elevator pitch to being confident to leveraging social media in all the right ways--our youth (and even parents who attended with their youth) walked away that much more prepared to get the job! Furthermore, hundreds of youth walked away with questions, curiosity, and further interest in career pathways, more information about colleges and universities, as well as resources to support them along the way! This holistic effort, while tedious and intense, was all worth it--seeing our youth, partners, and employers!

Over the past week, we've run into youth and parents who attended, as well as partners and employers--they are still raving about the power and impact of the Career Connections Fair. Over the summer, hundreds of youth will continue to reap the benefits of the fair--serving as amazing employees with companies, organizations, and even school districts throughout the City of Detroit. 

A heartfelt thank you to each of our workshop facilitators, partners, and employers. Youth, congratulations on being hired and a round of applause for your engagement in your development as a young professional!