2017 - A Year of Continued Mission-Driven Impact

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Over the course of our first full year of operation, 2016, Hampton Consulting was humbled and honored to live out our vision and mission, ultimately offering best-in-class consultation and execution services which positively impacted (and continue to impact) the short- and long-term mission, productivity, and culture of our direct and indirect clients. We partnered with the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) on the State Equity Plan, including creating, launching, and driving the Proud Michigan Educator Campaign. Our work with MDE serves all districts and public school entities across the entire state, all Michigan educators, and all 1.5 million students. We led parent/family workshops, Saturday Academies, and senior seminars with tens of families and 100 students in partnership with the University of Michigan’s GEAR UP Program throughout the year. We were ecstatic to serve the City of Detroit, my hometown, in leading recruitment, marketing, design, and engagement work with schools, districts, community organizations, youth, and leaders with My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, the Campaign for Black Male Achievement, the City of Detroit, and Detroit Regional Chamber Commerce on the Boys and Young Men of Color Summit which engaged 2,765 boys and young men of color, as well as people who are committed to being part of their village, including 1,872 boys and young men of color, 272 volunteers, 298 partnership staff, and 174 additional community leaders. Over 350 young men walked away with jobs as a result of the summit. We worked extensively with an array of clients (even beyond those listed here), we hired twenty contractors and two specialist consultants, we were doing meaningful work and working alongside our clients to serve, impact, and strengthen communities and missions. In 2016, Hampton Consulting experienced tremendous opportunity and growth and contributed to impact beyond imagination.

In 2017, Hampton Consulting is focused on further actualizing and growing our mission-driven work and impact for our clients in Detroit, in Michigan, and nationally in our five key areas of expertise:

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Education (PreK-12 and Higher Education)
  • Leadership Development and Performance Management
  • Operations Optimization
  • Recruitment (with additional expertise in Diversity Recruitment)

As the Founder and President of Hampton Consulting, I am proud and humbled to lead this work and to be a servant leader. To all of our clients, we thank you for trusting us with your missions. To all of our supporters and communities we work with and in (in myriad ways), this work would not be possible without you.

We are ecstatic as we embark on our second full year journey as Hampton Consulting—cheers to mission-driven work and meaningful, positive impact!

Chanel Hampton
Founder and President, Hampton Consulting