Michigan: Outpacing nearly all other states in economic growth

About 500 senior leaders from business, policy, education, and advocacy met for updates and discussion on the state's economic growth. 

There’s good news and bad news when it comes to the state rankings in the Business Leaders for Michigan’s benchmarking report, released yesterday morning at the Michigan CEO Summit in Detroit.

The good news: Michigan’s economic growth has outpaced nearly all other U.S. states since 2009. The report shows the state has succeeded in stabilizing its economy, lowering business costs and becoming more competitive.

The bad news is Michigan has a ways to go to get the top 10 states listed in the report.  

As you continue to read this article via Crain's Detroit Business, we believe you will find it intriguing, informative, critical, and valid article, all within this one piece on the state of our economy. Most importantly, it shows more progress and further affirms that the resilience of Michiganders is no myth.