Chanel hampton,              

founder and president

Chanel Hampton's educational, professional, and civic career have built and honed her expertise in diversity, equity, and inclusion, education, leadership development and performance management, operations optimization, and recruitment (including exceptional expertise in diversity recruitment). Her career has taken her across the country and globally to impact missions and offer her expertise to a large and diverse array of clientele. 

JEssica jackson,                    

Managing director

Jessica Jackson has worked within a myriad of educational contexts addressing access, retention, and success of diverse students. Her passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of her work; and she has been recognized at the international level for her advocacy and strategic program development. Her expertise in strategic planning, assessment, and program development coupled with her dynamic facilitation and training skills, enable her to create sustainable impact within organizations. 

JP Headshot.png



Jennifer Presley brings experience in both the private and public sector, paired with expertise in strategic planning; community engagement; event management; and public-private partnerships. Today in Detroit, a number of signature events and organizations exist in both sectors that are connected to her leadership. Her passion, creativity, and innovation are a great contribution to the Strategic Community Partners team as our Director of Community Engagement.

Marcus Sumrall.jpg



Marcus Sumrall brings expertise in talent and recruitment--with a specific lens toward education--as well as social media and communications. Marcus has served as a recruitment leader--contributing to the significant growth of incoming talent in education and non-profits across Michigan. His passion for community and excellent educational opportunities for youth is perfectly aligned with and a great asset to the Strategic Community Partners team as our Manager of Educator Talent.




Vanessa Smith brings over sixteen years of experience in administration to Strategic Community Partners. For over eleven years, Vanessa has offered stellar virtual administrative services to female executives—positioning them to better succeed as individuals and as overall organizations. 


Tirrea billings,

media coordinator

Tirrea Billings brings creativity, passion, and a vision to the Strategic Community Partners team as our Media Coordinator. Tirrea Billings is a documentary filmmaker and freelance videographer that tells stories about social justice, human rights, and the experiences of people of color.



Website Design Specialists

At Strategic Community Partners, we are committed to our youth--not only in the work we do with our partners, yet directly in collaborating and engaging them as leaders in the work we do each day. We are proud to say that our website is developed and maintained by amazing youth throughout Detroit who are part of JOURNi. JOURNi is building an inclusive tech ecosystem in Detroit.