Vanessa Smith
Executive Assistant to the President


Vanessa brings over sixteen years of experience in administration to Strategic Community Partners. For over eleven years, Vanessa has offered stellar virtual administrative services to female executives—positioning them to better succeed as individuals and as overall organizations. 

Vanessa Smith is the President and Chief Executive Officer of BOSS Services, LLC. Creating greater order and efficiency for her clientele, she focuses on the details of the day-to-day tasks, allowing business owners to focus on overall strategy and business development. As a result of her work across various sectors, Vanessa has won national awards for her services. With over sixteen years of experience in administration, and over five years of experience in Human Resource Management, she’s managed to hone her skills in strategic planning; organization; time management; and problem solving, to name a few.  

Understanding firsthand that it is truly more to give than it is to receive, she’s intentional about pouring her all into her clients’ businesses just as others have poured into her.