Tori Lee
Special Projects Coordinator


Tori Lee brings excitement and passion to the Strategic Community Partners team as the Special Project Coordinator. With past experiences in program management, community engagement, and marketing, she leverages her passion for catalyzing change through the Hampton Consulting social media channels and additional events and special projects.

As a former teacher’s aide and health teacher to 9th and 10th grade classrooms, Tori is a staunch advocate for educational equity and diversity, inclusion and equity movements across all sectors. She’s partnered with various non-profits and think-tanks in efforts to improve health outcomes for communities of color and other marginalized groups. 

A social media whiz, Tori has crafted digital engagement strategies for multiple organizations and non-profits, as well as led and supported rebranding efforts for several small non-profits. Most recently in the Detroit Area, Tori used her digital expertise to help double educational leadership programs for a small non-profit and to help project manage city-wide talent strategies across the Greater Detroit area. 

Tori received her Bachelor of Arts in International Relations with a focus on Development and Latin America from Boston University in May 2016.