Since 1960, when Rose Skillman created The Skillman Foundation, the organization has worked to improve the lives of children. The foundation helps Detroit children prepare for college, career and life, believing that when Detroit children thrive, Detroit thrives.

Standing on the belief that teachers are one of our lifelines and our most critical talent in education, The Skillman Foundation wanted to understand on a deeper level how to support educators. Strategic Community Partners designed and executed an educator community survey, as well as hosted follow-up listening sessions and engaged one-on-one to listen to and learn more from teachers. The goal: Hearing directly from teachers what they viewed as their strengths, challenges, as well as where they need support--from their school, their district, their community, and leaders in Detroit. An impact report with recommendations driven solely by the voices of teachers was delivered, of which we see some of these very requests being focused on by multiple bodies today in Detroit. 

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