SCP is hiring!

Nearly four years ago, Strategic Community Partners (SCP) was founded—with a believe that communities and their every day citizens have the solutions, are the leaders, and deserve passionate, excellent, ethical leadership.

Every day, SCP has the honor and privilege of working in communities that raised our team members, in communities we are passionate about, communities where we live and/or raise our own children. Each day, we partner with organizations furthering education, equity, and justice—by pairing community and cultural context with exemplary strategizing, planning, management, and execution.

It is also critical that we continue to build our team’s capacity, talent, and diverse perspectives—all toward living out our vision and mission as an organization.

We are excited to hire for our next three roles, including a Communications Manager, Executive Assistant to the President, and Manager of Education and Community Initiatives. You can view our job descriptions and deadlines (starting Friday March 22, 2019) here.

If you are interested and fulfill the description for a given role, we hope you apply! If you know someone you believe would be a strong candidate, please share this opportunity with them!

We are only four years in and we have a powerful, exciting road ahead—we are thrilled to continue to grow our SCP team to scale and evolve our collaboration with community and partners, ultimately furthering our collective impact.

-Chanel Hampton, Founder and President