An SCP Team Member Returns to the Classroom! Join us in celebration!

Over the past three years, Strategic Community Partners has collaborated with our partners to propel forward powerful missions. Two years ago, Alaina Dague joined our team as a consultant. For the past year, Alaina has served as our Manager of Partnerships and has helped us scale and evolve our work.

At SCP, our commitment to education, equity, and justice isn’t just “work,” it is personal. Alaina began her career as a teacher and, this fall, will be returning to the classroom to teach again! “My commitment to education is part of what compelled me to join the Strategic Community Partners team full-time--I deeply believe in the work we do and our commitment to education, equity, and justice.”

While we are beyond thrilled for another great teacher to return to the classroom, it’s also bittersweet. “The mission and work of SCP continues to resonate with me and I will certainly miss working with the team and our partners.” Alaina is part of the SCP family--and our partners love her. She will still be a close friend of SCP and even continue to engage and support from time-to-time, yet for now--we are ecstatic to see her return to the classroom!

Please join us in celebrating Alaina--her work has impacted thousands of students, parents, community members, and beyond across Detroit, DC, and nationally!