Want to boost your personal productivity and the greater economy? Take a vacation!

As you head into one, two, or even fourteen vacation days as we bring 2015 to a close and welcome 2016, this article might be just what you need to read to convince you to truly go offline, shutdown, and enjoy your vacation (regardless of how short or long it is). 

Every year in the United States, over 400 million vacation days go unused. On average, every working American leaves two vacation days unused. The cause of these unused vacation days is valid: fear of losing one's job, the e-mails that will pile up in your inbox while you are offline, and the list goes on. Despite these valid concerns, taking vacation...utilizing your vacation days that are a part of your employment package, that you've negotiated upon receiving an offer...can increase your personal productivity and boost the greater economy. 

Curious? Thinking about actually shutting down this week or next? Keep reading to learn more and convince yourself to take your well-earned vacation.