Three Steps To Help Your Team Spend Time On The Right Things

Time is our most precious commodity, and in an ever-evolving and progressive world where more can be done in one minute than was done in weeks mere years ago, time is even more precious. That sounds great, right?: "More can be done in a minute than was done in weeks mere years ago." Think about this: What if you aren't spending time on the right thing(s) and spend weeks upon weeks of precious time focusing on the wrong target? In worst case scenarios, more can be lost in that time than potentially what could have been gained--and surely, it will take time to get back to ground zero. At the least, that much time "wasted" is a frustration and, from a manager's perspective, can destroy morale, motivation, and culture. 

Check out this article from Rob Ashkenas, a contributor to Forbes who writes about "simplifying organizations in a complex world." This article is definitely worth your time.