Will you be at the Urban Entrepreneurship Symposium 2015-Detroit?

Urban Entrepreneurship Symposium 2015 (#UES2015) will provide information, resources, and connections that will empower actual and aspiring entrepreneurs to create sustainable, profit-making businesses that address important urban community needs. Attendees will include entrepreneurs, students, educators, community leaders, business leaders, government agency representatives, community service organization members, and more. This event will inform and inspire, and will yield a set of findings that will guide and enhance development of urban-focused enterprises.

#UES2015 is being produced by the Urban Entrepreneurship Initiative, Inc., and is being co-hosted by the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, and Wayne State University. The event will include:

  • a morning session consisting of presentations and panel discussions.
  • a luncheon session featuring a distinguished educators panel.
  • an afternoon session that includes interactive, action-oriented workshops.
  • an evening networking event.

(Image and text courtesy of Urban Entrepreneurship Symposium 2015-Detroit.)