The Michigan Department of Education’s Office of Educator Talent serves all educators and respective districts and academies in relation to educator effectiveness, educator evaluation, and various facets of district partnerships and award recognition programming.

Strategic Community Partners created the Proud Michigan Educator blueprint (inclusive of three phases of strategic scaffolding), as well as executed the first year of the campaign—setting the department and state up to take on the campaign as a multi-year and integral element of the department’s work.

In addition, resources, webinars, presentations, and collaborative communication bodies were designed and implemented in relation to the State of Michigan legislation and policy surrounding educator evaluation—distributing information, communicating, collaborating, and supporting educators and districts across the state in rethinking and reimagining evaluation and its role in education (while also adhering to state mandates).

Lastly, communication, engagement, and facilitation of the Excellent Educators Advisory Group (via the Michigan Equity Plan) resulted in evolved priorities for the state as it relates to equitable and inclusive education. Additionally, Strategic Community Partners engaged with various districts and ongoing projects related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, as well as overall educator and community engagement. 

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