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The Campaign for Black Male Achievement (CBMA) is a national membership network that seeks to ensure the growth, sustainability, and impact of leaders and organizations committed to improving the life outcomes of Black men and boys. 

Our Founder and President works directly as a Senior Consultant on the National Strategy and Innovation Team with National Vice President, Dr. Robert Simmons. In this role, strategic research and analysis, design, execution, and coaching has resulted in: national and regional strategic planning efforts internally and externally; planning and implementation of Promise of Place and High School Excellence initiatives; creation of strategic plans and framework; the design and launch of the organization's first regional advisory board in Detroit, Michigan; ongoing community engagement planning and execution in the form of programming and various touchpoints with community leaders and organizations; and leadership development and coaching.

In addition, since 2011, the Campaign for Black Male Achievement has engaged the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, KY as a gathering place for the annual Rumble Young Man, Rumble! convening (RYMR). This annual event has evolved into the preeminent gathering of cross-sector Black Male Achievement leaders working to improve life outcomes of Black men and boys across intersecting areas including education, criminal justice, mentoring, responsible fatherhood, narrative change and capacity-building. RYMR is a space where BMA leaders gather to hone their leadership skills, promote healing, and learn from experts how to improve life outcomes for America’s Black men and boys. In 2017, CBMA invested in expanding RYMR so that Rumblers are engaged and activated year-round.

Strategic Community Partners serves as on-the-ground support for National Rumbles and also worked directly with National Director of Rumble Young Man, Rumble! Director, Steve Vassor, to design, facilitate, and execute the first-ever Regional Rumble in Detroit--the launch of Regional Rumbles for the national organization.

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